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Property Management Services

Partnering with RentWise means less worrying and more opportunity. With more than 25 years working in Bay Area property management and real estate, we help you maximize your rental property experience. Our team of seasoned leaders are well-versed in identifying quality tenants, following legal compliance, overseeing expense control and managing vacancy rates. We believe that personalized attention and professional services go hand-in-hand, which is exactly how we’ve designed our business model. Selecting RentWise provides access to the following benefits:


Better Leasing

From property promotion strategies to stringent screening, our protocols and procedures reduce vacancy rates and remove stress from the tenant search process.

Property Management

Personalized, full-service property management means peace of mind knowing we’re looking out for the best interests of our clients and appropriately managing the needs of their tenants and investments.

Property Preparation

First impressions are everything in real estate, which is why we work with the best vendors to make sure your property shines. From minor touch-ups to major remodels, our network of contractors, handypersons, painters, cleaners, etc., can assist with all your property prep needs.

Repairs and Maintenance

We know the urgency of property repairs and work swiftly and seamlessly with our maintenance network to coordinate logistics and ensure that repairs are made efficiently. We inform you all along the way, and the resolution is performed at cost with no additional markup.

Issue Resolution

We pride ourselves on providing logical (and when needed, legal) assistance to remedy any issues that may occur during our partnership. With nearly three decades of experience in the Bay Area real estate market, we have the expertise to help navigate the complexities of the landlord-tenant relationship.

HOA Management

From property maintenance, resident relations, board meeting coordination, and full-service accounting and reporting – we specialize in small community HOA management.

Investment Portfolio Adjustments

As your investment needs change, we are licensed Realtors and can help add to or reduce your portfolio. And the best part is our property management clients enjoy deep discounts with our reduced commission structure. 

Why RentWise

1. Experience and Expertise

Property management is complex, and we have the experience to ensure that the proper processes and legalities are followed, reducing your risk, liability, and vacancy rates.

2. Fixed-Fee Property Management Services

Partnering with RentWise means quality service with no hidden fees. Our rates are competitive and the same no matter property size or location. Our monthly flat rate management fee of $250* is comprehensive, meaning no nickel and dime charges and predictable investment cash flow.

3. At-Cost Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are an integral part of the property management role, and it’s a conflict of interest for property managers to treat maintenance issues as a profit center. We partner with our network of qualified vendors to quickly address maintenance requests without extra charges. While most property managers are significantly marking up maintenance costs, we pass the volume savings from our vendors onto our clients.

4. No Long Term Management Contracts

At RentWise, your satisfaction is our goal, and we won’t place contractual handcuffs on our relationship. Typical management agreements can be difficult to exit if you are unhappy with the level of service you are receiving. Give us 90 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we can part ways amicably with no cancellation fee. With no long-term commitment required, you can ensure that service and communication remain stellar throughout our relationship.

*Up to $10,000 monthly rent

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We serve the following locations: San Francisco, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, and Contra Costa County. Time is valuable and we pride ourselves on quick & efficient communication. Call, email or fill out our contact form and we’ll assist you with any request.

About Us

The world of property management is akin to that of a juggler in that, at any given moment, there are many important elements to focus on at once. Understanding that balancing act–and recognizing the essential element of relationship building–is where we excel at RentWise. With nearly 30 years of local real estate experience, RentWise is your trusted property management advisor.

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